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The Masiello Food is a certified company. It is therefore able to meet different quality standards, all with different objectives.

Specifically, it holds four certifications: BRC, IFS, Organic, Halal and Kosher

Kosher Israel
Kosher not Israel


The BRC standard was born in 1998 in Great Britain by the will and initiative of the subjects operating in the English GDO, hence the name “British Retail Consortium”. The voluntary BRC certification is considered one of the main international product certifications in the field of Food Safety in the world, is required by the Anglo-Saxon markets of the GDO and has the potential to link qualified suppliers to the distribution company since it details for the company producer of the food structural specifications for production environments, product and process specifications, behavioral rules for personnel.


IFS “International Food Standard” certification aims to improve the applied food safety system and make it more efficient.
It is also a recognized guarantee of quality, and allows opening up to new markets with attractive business outlets, such as large-scale retail and foreign markets.
The IFS certification is an internationally recognized standard, but it is mainly demanded by French- and German-speaking countries.


The Bio (Organic) certification allows the consumer an immediate recognition of food products universally identified as “healthy”, with a view to a return to sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture.

Organic certification is obtained when the production system complies with the requirements of EU Regulation 848/2018, relating to organic production and the labeling of organic products.

It responds to consumer requests to rediscover a healthy and natural diet, with products obtained thanks to the application of techniques suitable for organic production, without technological and / or chemical auxiliaries.


The word Kosher in Hebrew means “in accordance with the law” and indicates that a food has been produced in compliance with the dietary rules prescribed by the Bible.
Obtaining a Kosher certificate means producing food that is fit for consumption and conforms to Kosher dietary regulations.

This certification turns out to be an indispensable tool to reflect and indicate transparency in the product that has achieved Kosher.
The consumer is informed that the certified product has sustained and successfully passed the strict procedures for obtaining it.
A Kosher-certified product is therefore, the final stage of a careful selection of the ingredients used, with the guarantee of the total absence of risk of cross-contamination.
For this reason, Kosher consumers are continuously increasing, belonging to all walks of life and religious backgrounds, including those who are intolerant to various foods.